Japanese Family smoking Cigars

For years and years I have been fascinated by many aspects of the Japanese culture, so I take every single chance I get to contact Japanese. Today a young man came into the Cigar Lounge with his mother and father, and – to my surprise – they all started cigar smoking.

Japanese are reserved, but I got very lucky and obtained a bit of contact to them. As I told them that I am greatly appreciative of the work of Yukio Mishima, the parents were all smiles and attention. The father stood up, came to me and shook my hand with a face that showed clear amazement and appreciation for my interest in their culture.

Although I always carry my Leica camera with me, it is not always in my hands and it does take a few seconds to have it ready if it is still in its case. Not knowing that they would not stay in the lounge very long and would go for a cigar-smoking- walk, I wanted to document the son lighting the cigars for his parents. I rapidly took some shots with my iPhone and now I am very glad I did. Now at least I have a couple of shots of them.

I am demanding about the quality and theme of each picture I publish in any of my blogs, although I know that some shots are what they are because of what surprisingly happens that second and less due to my planning. Nevertheless, I do apologize to my readers that in this case I am publishing pictures of lesser quality, but I want to present this short story and this must be done visually. I do hope you will enjoy some of the details and the story in itself.






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