Law and Boxing

There are very important details to the history and purpose of Coffeehouses. It has never been just about coffee drinking. This is true pertaining to their beginnings in what is known today as Istanbul (Turkey), just as much as it has been through the centuries since then, and no less than what it is today in various cities throughout the Globe. In their social role and the need for places for intellectual participation, nothing comes closer to these gathering houses than lounges catering to the smoking of cigars and pipes.

It is in the several smoke lounges that I regularly visit, where I am able to compensate for the my missing of my great European Coffeehouse favourites.  It is in the Smoke Lounges where I am able to meet and make friends, with which I am able to wrap myself in conversations about politics, religion, philosophy, sociology, as well as watch Jeopardy or Basketball, Baseball Football, Tennis or Golf. It is also the place where I learn from great minds and hearts, like the walking encyclopedia, Law Professor and Lawyer Darryl, as well as the gentle heart, wisdom and strong hand of the Heavy Weight Box-Legend Renaldo Snipes.

Renaldo Snipes and Darryl / NYC Fine Cigars, New York, NY / Leica D-Lux 4
Renaldo Snipes (former Heavy-Weight Boxer) and Darryl (Lawyer and Law Professor) / NYC Fine Cigars, New York, NY / Leica D-Lux 4


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