The role of a Vitrine

For many years I have been interested in the importance and the meaning of desks.  In an optimally given situation they are an expression of individuality, while supporting one of the most relevant aspects of being a human – organization.  Similarly symbolic I like to rate personal vitrines. In them we keep and organize things that are important to us. The protection and visibility provided by glass doors and walls give them yet another symbolic level. We keep in them what we wish to display, the person in us we wish to share.

In Parzival, the monumental verse novel written by Wolfram von Eschenbach, the knight and hero Parzival has a friend called Gawan. A knight himself, Gawan is given the choice between spending his life with a wife, who intimately in his chambers is beautiful, while ugly to the rest of the world, or that is ugly when they are alone and intimate, while beautiful to all others who see her.

I view beauty as something that, because it is beautiful, is shared.

Now you have seen the bowls of some of my pipes – not the most beautiful part of a pipe. Very soon I will be sharing more of them – more bowls and more body.

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