Today’s Music by a Cuaba Cigar from Cuba

I love music.

When I have my choice, it will be lots of Johann Sebastian Bach, even a bit more of Richard Wagner, plenty of Schubert, Monteverdi and Verdi, Brahms, some Mozart, lots of good piano, be it Boris Berezovsky, Switolav Richter or Glenn Gould, but just the same choir music and chamber pieces. Opera, classic, definitely, but just as well lots of old Genesis, Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, King Crimson, David Bowie, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Queen, The Who, and several more. I love Flamenco, Cuban son, some Mercedes Sosa. For pop you may turn up some Talking Heads, Arctic Monkeys or Björk anytime. For the hard, give me some AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Rush. Phillip Glass, Steve Reich, John Cage, Meredith Monk, Henry Cow, Dagmar Krause, Conlon Nancarow or Laurie Anderson move me often.

It goes on, but when it comes to sitting in a Coffeehouse, or for that matter in a Lounge for the pleasure of a pipe or a cigar, I tend to want silence. I do not like ‘background’ stuff. But today it felt quite good on my ears and as a result I asked on what was being played.

Le Connoisseur - Cigar Bar, Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan / iPhone 4
Le Connoisseur – Cigar Bar, Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan / iPhone 4
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