One more supporting experience for the importance of the Smoke Lounge in our society.

Yakov sat next to me. With some shyness, we both looked for eye contact, just wanting to give a gentle sign of acceptance towards each other.

On the streets as well as in smoke lounges, a point of attraction with regular occurrence is the case of my Leica camera. Walking on a side-walk does not allow much space for conversation, but sitting in a Lounge does. And so we spoke initially about my camera collection and about his. Yakov is from Israel and has years of experience with cameras. Many of his works have been exhibited in galleries and museums. But we also spoke about creativity, about the value and essence of life, about success.

Even those who do not smoke, but wish to become livelier in life and brighter with their intellect, ought to come to our lounges, just to get some of our mental smoke. Other than the one from cigars and pipes, such smoke could and should be inhaled.

Yakov - Photographer with Cigar / Nat Sherman, New York, NY / Leica D-Lux 4
Yakov, my neighbour with the cigar, is a Photographer / Nat Sherman, New York, NY / Leica D-Lux 4
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