Schadenfreude: a sort of German lesson

  1. pleasure derived by someone from another person’s misfortune
    Shaden = damage
    Freude = joy
Caldwell - The King is Dead, Double Corona / Nat Sherman, New York, Leica D-Lux 4
Caldwell – The King is Dead, Double Corona / Nat Sherman, New York, Leica D-Lux 4

Robert Caldwell blends cigars and his Caldwell Cigars is celebrating the first year in business. One of his blended cigars is ringed with “The King is Dead”.

I do not know Mr. Caldwell’s mind, for I do not know him. Thus I cannot know if his is a caprice based on historical reference, or merely a jovial twisted mind. I do know, I am inclined to be happy that the king is dead.

There are six cigars (until now) that I buy with a certain confidence in the consistence with which they deliver, but I continue to look for new experiences. Partly because six are not enough, though mostly because the palate and mind demand it. So I walk into different humidors on a regular basis and immediately feel a strong urge to leave those six aside and try something new, or something not new that I wish to understand better. A tobacconist feels best in such situations. Knowledge is requested, and he is able at the same time to play with the possibility of proving or being reaffirmed – by himself or by the smoker – of his fine-tuning with the client’s taste and expectations.

The fine-tuning on both sides never ceases, but since yesterday I am full of joy that the king is dead. However, I must wait until they get their next shipment to smoke enough rounds, before I know that is the seventh in the momentary elite cigar circle for my palate.

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