Into the Cigar World and its Selection of Men

There might be some truth to the quality of company we are as a bunch in smoke lounges. It might be accurate to describe ourselves as a league consisting in part of gentle men, gentle souls and inquisitive, vibrant minds. Yes, and this is true in the perception of this young man. It is the one reason he expresses for the years during which he has been looking forward to his first cigar in our midst. Today he celebrated with his father the graduation of his sister, among others, by having his very first cigar.

Once more I am reminded of the famous hen/egg genesis question. The interest on my part has never been obtaining an unequivocal answer to the origin of creatures in nature. Much more I like dissecting the possibilities of how influences are taken and given and how much we are able to differentiate between action and reaction and identify which is which.

This young man expresses thoughts and speaks sentences that hint to the type of individual that has been and is developing within – an able and hungry one. Are his ability and hunger the sources for the attraction towards the league of gentle-minds? Does he come to us because he is able and desires that the inner abilities tensing his nervous system, heart and mind find like-minded men to help him release some pressure through conversation? Or is he hungry and thus looking for individuals amongst us that might supply him with a certain amount of tension, food, challenge, inspiration, or anything similar that might help him expand and feel growth within?

Who came first: the hen or the egg?

Young Neighbour from Las Vegas / Nat Sherman, New York, NY / Leica D-Lux 4
Young Neighbour from Las Vegas / Nat Sherman, New York, NY / Leica D-Lux 4
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