Cigar States of Being: Victor

In spirit, mind and body, cigar smoking is a state of being – inwardly expansion and outwardly a social act. Life ought to be lived with intent and absolute attention – physically and metaphysically – but based on a naturally inherent serenity rather than on want. It is important that attention deem the moment, and that its quality quantify its duration. Clocks tell time but not the moment, and without attention to the moment, no fire is sparked.

These thoughts are in part the result of being with Victor who, despite turbulence, is victor. One who dwells in inner expansion and social fruition alike.

Victor, with cigar and The Wall Street Journal / Davidoff of Geneva, Brookfield Mall, New York, NY / Sigma DP2 Merrill / Sila Blume 2018

When he and I meet, I delight in allowing the inner expansion he finds in his quotidian Wall Street Journal. Yet, our encounters usually begin with lively conversations which can not be replicated – not here, not when we meet again. They are tightly intertwined verbal exchanges which evoke intense breathing, as much as they are feather-light flights for intellect and spirit.

Directing fire to the foot of a cigar demands the will to meditate, be it together or alone. Meditation is utmost attention to who we are and what we are. It supports inner clarity and enables the assimilation of the universe sustaining us. Its practice brings awareness and enlightenment towards physical, mental and spiritual elevation for a well-being which is not merely personal. If it were, we had not built our ancient cathedrals and modern lounges.

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