Conversations – Seven Years of Smoke and Minds

Coffeehouses invite the guest to observe the surrounding life in detachment mode; the cigar lounge allows more of a reflection on the self and what this is affected by. Perhaps the decades of interest for both and countless visits to them in a number of cultures, have led me to observe the surrounding life in cigar lounges as if I were in a coffeehouse.

A recurrent observation is the individual manner with which many mind the burn and the smoke of their tobacco. Some seem to have a high level of appreciation for such an old and simple activity. 

Once, I witnessed an attentive young soul. In the several conversations he instigated, I sensed his strong need to express his indulgence in matters of perception. In the tone of his voice there was a sense of urgency, with a certain timber which intertwined with his choice of words and facial expressions, some of which I perceived with a layer of nervousness or insecurity. Yet, nothing seemed to hinder him in his desire to share joy.

Nat Sherman, New York, NY / Leica D-Lux 4
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